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Southwark Parent Carers' Council (PCC): Who are we?

We are a growing group of parent/carers of children and young people with learning difficulties, disabilities or additional needs and are currently known as the Southwark Parent/Carers’ Council or PCC.

Our mission is to represent the views of parent/carers in discussions with the local authority and health service, and influence the way local services are delivered to our children.

We want to positively change and enhance the lives of disabled children, young people and their families by working together with partners in Health, Education and Social Care, and to ensure parent/carers' participation in influencing services.

We are building up a more active part in service design by having representation on council boards. In this way, we can ensure the needs and wishes of our children and families are met.

We publish a quarterly newsletter - sent by email and post and distributed widely - and also send out email information. If you would like to receive newsletters and/or emails from the PCC or become an active member, please contact us at: info@southwarkpcc.org.uk.

More about the PCC

The development of the PCC was supported by a part-time Parent/Carer Council Development Officer Alison Miles until April 2011. Since then, we have received an annual parent forum grant from the Department of Education.

Our active PCC members on the PCC Steering Committee are:
Treasurer: Alison Miles
Chair: Heather Tarbuck
Active members: Dorah Naisubi, Lendell Morrisson, Sandra
Lempkowska, Tracy Julian, Gün Akyuz, Naomi Gilbert, Nadia Crichlow, Marika Thorogood (website editor), Terry-King Emmanuel, Lisa Soverall
Linda Cullen and Carol Dalton (employed by Southwark Council to support the PCC)

Our Vice-Chair, Heather Tarbuck, also works as Parent Participation Advisor for London as part of Contact a Family's Strengthening Parent Participation Team. Naomi Gilbert, former head of Southwark's Contact a Family, is an advisor on our Steering Commitee.

We also continue to have the support of a group of active PCC members who attend meetings, consultations and other events. They also help put together our newsletter and this website. Support from any parent/carers is always welcomed.

We are supported by a National Network of Parent Carer Forums (NNPCF), comprising parent carer volunteers from across England.  The NNPCF’s website is:  www.nnpcf.org.uk

We have established contacts with Health, Social Care and voluntary service providers and the Children's Services Scrutiny Committee - David Hubber (current Chair) and Rosie Shimell, amongst others, and attend conferences and meetings as parent reps.

Recent activities: 

• Parent reps on Southwark Council's steering committee for the new SEND reforms

• Participation in Southwark Council's Children and Young People's Plan through 'What's your Journey?' events.

• Cross-borough consultation on the outsourcing of Children's Wheelchair Services

• Parent/carer representation on a Personal Health Budgets Project Board

• Representation on the Carers' Strategic Forum

• Attendance at a conference on council's Local Offer, and single assessment process and personalisation.

• Attendance on Community Action Southwark's Children, Young People and Families Sub-Group.


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More on some of our active members below:

Alison Miles – Treasurer

My name is Alison. My daughter Ellen was diagnosed at 18 months with congenital myasthenia, a rare neuromuscular condition nick-named ‘the ragdoll illness’. Now in mainstream secondary school, she uses a wheelchair, takes medication five times a day but is not on the disability register, so does not qualify for social care services. Ellen receives ongoing physio and occupational therapies and has a statement of SEN linked to her physical disability.

I have a background in supported housing and I am particularly interested in person-centred planning, i.e. involving children, young people and their carers in the development, delivery and review of individual care and support packages. I am also committed to drawing together our experiences as parents and carers of children with disabilities or additional needs, to demand, inform and support continuous service improvement.

Lendell Morrison - PCC Co-secretary

Hi, I am Lendell and I have four children, one with Down’s Syndrome. I joined Southwark Parent/Carers’ Council because I am committed to helping other parents/carers of children with disabilities who don't have a voice. I am also a member of Down’s South London, a south London-based charity for parents of children with Down’s Syndrome.

Heather Tarbuck - Vice Chair

Hello, my name is Heather, I have three children. My middle daughter Lola has global delay, fine and gross motor difficulties and growth hormone deficiency. I am a School Governor at a hospital school in Southwark and have a background in Social Work and local government.

I also work as Parent Participation Advisor for London as part of Contact a Family's Strengthening Parent Participation Team.

My particular interests and concerns relate to the education and the attainment of children with additional needs who are placed in mainstream school. I joined Southwark’s Aiming High Project Board, which was overseeing the funding, and development of additional services for children with disabilities from 2008-2011.



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